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At Postal Uniforms USA we take great pride in our combined 60 years of postal uniform experience. We know that all of our customers have different questions, and we are here to help. Just ask!

Postal Uniform Store Chicago, IL 

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  Getting the Right Fit  

While some may think that postal uniforms can't ever look good, we beg to differ. Depending on your body type we can offer you some great postal uniform options. Our female letter customers have come to love our unisex options as a great alternative to the traditional female cut postal uniform pants. 

At PostalUniforms.Org our goal is to provide you with the best postal uniforms available, and have them fit you properly!

Shirt Too Small + Pants Too Big =

You Look Bad

Postal Uniform Allowance

Postal Uniform Allowance

Chicago Postal  Uniforms 

Many postal employee's come to our site because they are sick and tired of dealing with outdated catalogs and slow sales reps. If you're looking to purchase any postal uniforms, we think you'll enjoy shopping at our online postal uniform store. Our postal employee customers love the speed at which we operate, and the low low prices on our postal uniforms. Take a look at our postal shoes also, we think you'll be shocked at our great prices. 

Have a question? Pick up the phone and give us a call. We are always ready to help help our loyal Chicago Postal uniform customers. 

With so many Letter Carriers, and CCA's in Chicago, its hard to believe that many can't find a postal uniform store in the city of Chicago. We've had our postal uniform store in suburban chicago for 30+ years, but we know that the roughly 8,000 letter carriers in the city of Chicago need a better option. 

Chicago, IL  Postal Uniforms 

 Postal Uniforms Chicago, IL

 Postal Uniforms Chicago, IL on Roosevelt 

Are you getting sick and tired of paying for parking at that postal uniform store on Roosevelt? Why not try online postal uniform store purchasing? 

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