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USPS Postal Uniform Vouchers

Yes! You've finally received your first Postal Uniform Voucher from your Post Office Manager. The question is now what do you do?

You've come to the right place for answers, and we are happy to help regardless of if you purchase your uniforms from us, or if you choose to go to a physical store. In many parts of the country the nearest postal uniform store may be 100's of miles away from you. Assuming you don't want to spend an entire day driving to a uniform store, we suggest looking online to use your voucher.

Depending on your position, you're most likely just received a voucher as a letter carrier or CCA. Postal uniform vouchers are $420 for CCA's & up to $517 Letter Carriers. This voucher enables you to either walk into a postal uniform store, or save some voucher dollars and spend your voucher online.

Maximizing your voucher/allowance dollars will be very important early on in your career, as such we recommend purchasing from a online postal uniform vendor as you will save anywhere from 15-30% when compared to walking into a physical uniform store selling postal gear. We've made some great suggestions for your first allowance in a recent blog post.

You will see that most websites selling uniforms require you to print out forms and fax them in along with a copy of your voucher. We found this method to be a pain in A$$, so the good folks at Postal Uniforms USA streamlined the process.

With our website all you need to do is fill up your shopping cart, and checkout using our exclusive "Offline Checkout" feature. One of our helpful representatives will then email you asking for a picture of your voucher. That's it! It's so simple.

We've done our best to take a 21'st century approach to postal uniforms, and we hope you appreciate our efforts. We figured that you'll have a hard enough time decieding what to purchase as far as your postal uniform gear, so the least we could do was make processing of your postal uniform voucher painless!

As always we are here to help seven days a week if you have any questions. Just give us a call.

Thank you.

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