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2 Postal Shoes for Letter Carriers in any Situation

As any veteran letter carrier will likely tell you your usps postal uniform approved shoes are without a doubt the most important part of your uniform. No other item directly impacts your comfort day in and day out. While we all know that some offices don’t require compliance when it comes to usps approved shoes, many postmasters insist on uniform compliance including shoes.

We spoke with 1,000’s of our customers to provide you with insight into the best postal shoes for good weather and bad.

Depending on where you are in your career you’ll may be able to splurge on shoes for more specialized use such as indoor letter carrier walking shoes, gortex rain boots, or winter outer boot/shoe protectors.

Through our retail postal uniform store we talk daily with letter carriers who experience all four Midwest seasons and certainly have some great opinions on the best postal approved footwear available in the marketplace.

Every Day Letter Carrier Postal Shoes: For everyday comfort we recommend our number one selling shoe, the Rocky 5000 Duty TMC. This shoe has the thickest insole of any postal shoe we have ever seen, which means all day long comfort.

Winter/Cold Weather Waterproof Boots: As a letter carrier or a CCA , if you’re considering a pair of waterproof boots this year, we know this is a large decision as it impacts a good amount of your uniform allowance.

Keeping in this mind we really beat the streets hard in making a great recommendation on the most well reviewed cold weather boot from actual letter carriers and CCA’s.

These neo’s hit the market strong and we’ve been hearing a lot about these in a very short period of time. As overshoes you need to remember that you’ll still wear a sneaker or a boot under these which many seem to approve of. Keep an eye out this year and you’ll see plenty of these out on the street.

You'll find both Rocky 5000's and Neo's available in our shoe section.

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