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3 Tips For Getting the Best Fitting Postal Uniform

As we all take a break and celebrate the greatest country on Earth, I got to thinking about some of the greatest people serving this country. Thats right... The great men and women of the United States Postal Service! While I love meeting so many USPS employees in our store, I'm always amazed at the number of folks who really don't know what size to buy when it comes to postal uniforms.

I'm going to write this piece specifically for letter carriers today because these are the folks who I see most often.

Now most of the people I meet every day don't exactly look like this nice lady. If they did then finding the best size and cut would be as easy as size 0, and extra small please.

For the rest of us, myself included, we really need to look at the options available to us and make the best decisions with whats actually available.

1. Women's Biggest Mistakes: My staff would say that most of the women who shop with us are way too focused on getting into a specific size that they "think" they should be wearing. Ladies you need to remember that this is government sizing at its finest. If you are usually a 12, you should expect to be a 14 or even a 16. If you're a plus size person, we find that many of our female letter carriers LOVE the unisex pants, and shorts made with the elastic waistband. TIP: Forget about your normal size. Go a size or two larger, and consider our unisex line. Remember that you'll be wearing these items all day, every day!

2. Men's Biggest Mistakes: Where to begin? A good looking uniform starts with the correct fit.

Where most women tend to pick sizes that are too small, most men pick sizes that are much too big. This is your postal uniform, not postal sweatsuit. When you select a pair of pants that are two sizes too big they hang too low and you look sloppy! Make sure your pants actually fit, and please let us hem the pants for you. These simple fixes will have you looking 100% better instantly.

3. Undershirts: Nothing looks worse than a beat up old under shirt. We plan to add some very affordable moisture whicking undershirts to our bundles in the future.

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