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US Postal Uniforms

Our US Postal Uniforms are a great way to get your postal uniforms online. Get Union Made Postal Uniforms Direct to your door for less! 

At Postal Uniforms USA we take great pride in our combined 60 years of postal uniform experience. We know that all of our customers have different questions, and we are here to help. Just ask!

We know that many USPS Employees don't have local US postal uniforms, carrying postal uniforms direct to your door. Here you'll find  high quality union made us postal uniforms plus great resources for all usps employees.  

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  Getting the Right Fit  

While some may think that postal uniforms can't ever look good, we beg to differ. Depending on your body type we can offer you some great postal uniform options. Our female letter customers have come to love our unisex options as a great alternative to the traditional female cut postal uniform pants. 

At PostalUniforms.Org our goal is to provide you with the best postal uniforms available, and have them fit you properly!

Shirt Too Small + Pants Too Big =

You Look Bad


Postal Uniform Allowance

Postal Uniform Survey

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US Postal Uniforms

At Postal Uniforms USA, we start with great low prices, Union made clothing whenever possible, great  Customer Service, and a Huge Selection of in-stock Postal Uniform clothing at our postal uniform store, especially us postal shirts!

Postal Uniforms USA,   delivers high quality uniforms our postal uniform store and on our website, at very reasonable prices. We don't have any gimmicks or discounts, just low prices everyday for USPS Postal Employees. 

Postal Uniforms USA  is a proud provider of UNION MADE Postal uniforms, whenever available. Postal Uniforms USA is also proud to host a great deal of resources for so many different postal positions. If you're a new CCA or Letter Carrier make sure to check out of great resources page! From guides to us postal uniform shits, to shoes you'll find it all. 

Postal Uniforms USA's Goal is to become your go-to supplier for all your postal uniform needs, weather it be us postal shirts or us postal shoes. We are aim to do this by taking our years of retail knowledge and excellent customer service and bringing it to our website.  

Postal Uniforms USA offers a huge selection of in-stock items each and everyday. We only ship via United States Postal Service, you should receive your order in only 2 - 7 working days.

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