4 Choices Postal Jackets - Postal Uniform Outerwear

Outerwear is a big consideration when it comes to your postal uniform allowance. We know that many new usps postal employees simply can’t afford their allowance dollars for some of the big ticket outerwear items, however the bottom line is that if you work in a cold climate, you’ll need at least one good piece of postal uniform outerwear. We break down your choices and let you know what our customers have told us over the years.

Most important, for all practical purposes most letter carriers and MVS folks really have four options for postal uniform outerwear. Also, two of the three options actually act as liners and can zip into the gortex jacket/liner which is the creme dela creme of postal outerwear. Here are your four most basic outerwear choices:

Lightest Weight Option: Medium Weight Fleece Jacket:

This jacket is very similar to made by North Face or Patagonia. For those of you in areas of the country that experience bitter cold temperatures, this probably ISN’T your best option for your first piece of postal uniform outerwear, however, this is a great jacket for protection and warmth down to about 30 degrees or so. Also, this is a great option to build your way into the Parka liner which we will talk about in a moment.

Heavier Weight Option: Heavy Weight Jacket -