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Union Made Postal Uniforms
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Postal Uniforms - Pay by Voucher

Our Voucher process is so simple. Just order through our shopping cart and select pay offline.

Other sites make paying by voucher very difficult. We have the only online payment system accepting vouchers for our customers. Simply complete your order online and select Pay Offline. 

We will send you an email after your order is processed with instructions for texting or emailing a picture of your voucher. 

How do I Pay for My Uniforms?

CLICK HERE for all the information you'll need.

​    Compare and Save!   ​
We are so confident that our pricing won't be beat that we've provided our largest competitors pricing right here!
Because we keep our overhead low, you can purchase the same high quality union made postal uniforms for considerably less than our competition.
 Bundled Blockbuster Savings! 
Postal Uniform Bundles

Postal Uniforms don't need to be complicated! We all know that if you bundle items you save money. We are the only us postal uniform store offering union made clothing bundles designed to save you money. Click on the bundle picture to see our most popular bundled uniform offers. 

Serving USPS Employees for 30+ years in our store, you can bet that we've heard it all. You'll find a great deal of useful information at your fingertips on our resources page. Here are some of our most asked about topics, along with links to some of the groups that our customers thought you'd like to be made aware of. 
Postal Uniform Resources

From CCA, to experienced veteran postal employee's the NALC website has great information.  Click the logo to be taken directly to their site. 

Federal Soup Postal Forum

Looking for honest NON-FILTERED discussions about everyday postal life. Look no further than the federal soup postal forum. Membership is free and the discussions are right to the point!

CCA Postal Uniform Resources

CCA's, have questions about uniforms. Check this out. If you still have questions call us we can help. Click here for NALC instructions.

  Postal Uniforms Pay by Voucher  

Our postal uniform voucher checkout is simple to use. If you have a voucher for your postal uniforms you've found the easiest site to use on the internet.


While other sites have you printing out paper order forms, our site has a pay offline feature that is designed to make your life easier. 

At checkout select "Pay Offline". We will begin to process your order right away. All you need to do is follow the instructions we will email to you after purchase in order to get us a copy of your voucher. You can text us a picture of the voucher, or email to us. Either way we've made it easy to process with just using your smart phone. 


Postal Uniform Allowance

Postal Uniform Allowance Table
Postal Uniform Survey

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Postal Uniforms

Paying with a postal uniform voucher can be difficult on some sites. At postal Uniforms USA we've made voucher payments easy as can be. 

Postal Uniforms Pay by Voucher

Postal Uniforms USA spent considerable time and money researching the easiest way to use your postal uniform vouchers online. Check out our processing system. We think you'll love buying your uniforms through our site. 

Postal Uniforms Direct Voucher Payment

While other sites make vouchers difficult, we make purchasing your postal uniforms online with a voucher super easy. 

Voucher Postal Uniforms 

Buying Postal Uniforms online is a great way to get high quality postal uniforms at affordable prices with a voucher or by debit card. It's important they USPS postal employees learn how to look for the best quality union made postal uniforms. 

Union Made Postal Uniforms Voucher

Postal Uniforms USA's Goal is to become your go-to supplier for all your postal uniform needs. We are aim to do this by taking our years of retail knowledge and excellent customer service and bringing it to our website.  

Postal Uniforms USA offers a huge selection of in-stock items each and everyday. We only ship via United States Postal Service, you should receive your order in only 2 - 7 working days.

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